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Faces of Wendy 

Policies and Procedures

There is absolutely no charge for an individual to become a client of Faces of Wendy.

Anyone can call Wendy for a free consultation at 403-869-5066

Faces of Wendy (FoW) cannot guarantee work to anyone, as we do not make the final decision on who will, or will not work.

Our responsibility is to promote the performer to the best of our ability, with the intent to find them placement. Everyone registered with Faces of Wendy will be given the opportunity to work on local assignments in and around Calgary and anywhere else you are legally allowed to work in the World.

You can only have one Agent in this industry, so each Agency is exclusive. We are proud of our ethical and professional business practices and work diligently for every single one of our clients.


FoW earns and you agree to the standard industry rate of  15% commission of monies from Gross compensation, plus GST.  Upon securing a role for you (which may be a continuity role) agency fee is expected until the finalization of the termination of the role for that season.

If you decide to leave FoW during the filming of a production you are booked for, you are obligated to pay the Agency amount for that role until the show has wrapped.


FoW has given permission for some Casting Directors to reach out to my Talent directly. If this happens, you simply need to remind them you are with Faces of Wendy. I rely on your honesty and integrity to do so.

DON'T EVER CONTACT CASTING DIRECTLY! All communication must go through Faces of Wendy. Casting directors are very busy, and they do not want to deal with talent who have an Agent. You have a hard working Agent, so let us do the booking for you.


All productions follow Covid protocols involving testing and masks. Please always follow the protocols which are in place for the safety of you and your Family members. Some productions ask for proof of Vaccination. Please have it in your phone, or bring verification papers if required.

  • Once you have committed to being on set, you are expected to go. It is your responsibility to get yourself to set.

  • Do NOT say Yes if you run the risk of being called in to your other work. This actually means you are not available as stated. This leaves me short a person on set, we lose our commission and it takes away an opportunity for someone else who would have committed to the show. We understand that a crisis can happen at any time, however, I am held responsible for no-shows by the Director and it makes you and FoW look unprofessional.


  • CALL TIMES - we do NOT get your call time or location until filming is completed for the day prior to your filming. This means we do not have your map or call time until the show is wrapped for the day before your filming. Normally we will get your details by 11:00 pm or earlier, *If you have not received your call time for the next day by 11:00 PM, CALL ME! 403) 869-5066 Do not go to bed until you get a call time!


  • Photo shoots and commercials you will get the call time and map info a day or two prior.


  • BE PREPARED FOR A LONG DAY - We never know how long filming will run. You must be available the entire day and into the night. Filming can go very long, sometimes up to 16 hours. Once you are on set you CANNOT LEAVE until filming is wrapped. You are paid for the entire time you are on set, minus one hour for meal, (depending on length of time on set. You CANNOT leave set early. You must remain until filming is complete, so please don't ask to leave early! Do not say yes to the opportunity if you have plans of any kind.


  • BRING THREE CHANGES OF CLOTHES WITH YOU – For background work, please always bring anything the production has requested. You should always bring at least 3 different outfits appropriate to the scene with you. No obvious logos, bright colors, or words on the clothes. You are required to bring shoes, accessories, undergarments to go with your outfits. All background performers will do their own hair and makeup in the style they requested. If a period show, you will be wardrobed prior to the shoot. That specific wardrobe will be at set when you arrive on the day of your shoot.


  • BE ON TIME - Being late will disrupt the shooting schedule and makes you and the Agency look unprofessional. Actors must understand Faces of Wendy is held accountable for YOU being late. It is stressful for the production and us when you are late. So be responsible and get there on time. CALL or TEXT if running late, so set can be notified. 403-869-5066


  • PARK IN BACKGROUND PARKING - Follow the orange cones, red arrows or signs to parking. There is usually a parking attendant to help direct you. Follow the written directions in the map provided, as GPS isnt always the best.


  • REPORT TO EXTRAS HOLDING/CIRCUS - When you arrive on set, ask someone where the circus/extras holding is (usually there are white tents, Trailer set up). This is where you will be given papers to get signed in. Sign in FIRST, then go to wardrobe.



Memorize, or bring my agency address information for every single type of shoot you are selected for.

On the address line write:

C/O Faces of Wendy

Suite # 155, 370, 5222 130th Ave SE

Calgary, AB

T2Z 0G4


Always bring, or know your sin #. Every person in Canada must have a sin number in order to work. You will not get paid unless you have one. Bring/upload three pieces of ID proving your Alberta residency. It must show name and address and sometimes the year if applicable depending on what the ID is.  (Drivers' license, Alberta health care, utility Bill, phone Bill, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, credit card statement, NOA, Bank statement, Alberta government ID, Indian Status Card). ALL AGES MUST have a SIN card. You can apply for them at any government office.

  • KEEP ALL YOUR VOUCHERS -  Take a picture of your Voucher when you fill it out upon arrival to set.  Plus take another photo at wrap when you sign out. Some shows do not give you the voucher and we need it for proof you went to set. Keeping a copy of your voucher (from movies and tv shows) ensures my ability to inquire about your cheque in case it goes missing and helps to prove you were on set. Your compensation will arrive approximately 2-4 weeks after filming movies and tv shows. Approximately 8- 12 weeks for Commercials and photo shoots. *IF you are wanting to become an Actra Additional Background performer (AABP) you Must provide 15 Vouchers from the last year of work (from the day you apply) VERY important to keep all your Vouchers! If you have not received your cheque after 4 weeks from tv or movie shoot date call me, as that means there is an issue of some kind. Please do not call to ask if the cheque's are in prior to 4 weeks. If they are in, I always contact you immediately. If you inadvertently receive payment direct from the Production, you agree to etransfer the outstanding monies including GST.


  • Do Not leave extra’s holding- When you are in extras holding you are still working and getting paid. Always be listening for call to film, wardrobe, etc. If you are not around when they need you, you will be replaced for that scene. You must tell someone if you need to leave holding (washroom, etc.) so if they need you for filming, they know where to find you.                                                                                           

  • DON'T BE LOUD OR DISRUPTIVE - When the camera is rolling there can be NO talking, laughing or other noise. No obscene, or distasteful jokes please.  DO NOT make negative comments anywhere on or near set. Do not complain about the weather, the food, the filming, the cast, the crew or agent. No foul language, or complaining. You never know who can hear you and it will have consequences. 

  • DON'T BRING CAMERAS OR RECORDING DEVICES - Set is closed and secure; you will be removed if you bring these articles on set. Do not ever take photos on set. Never ever post photos ever on social media.


  •  If you make a mess, clean it up. Don't leave food items, wardrobe, or garbage behind.


  • DON'T BOTHER THE ACTORS, or Crew - The Actors have a job to do. The best way to be asked back to set is by being easy to work with.


  • DON'T CHANGE OR ALTER YOUR WARDROBE - Once wardrobe has been established, DO NOT change your wardrobe, makeup or hair. Do NOT get a hair cut, or colour until the show has wrapped. This is in case they need to do a pick up scene with you. 


  • MEALS, SNACKS and beverages are provided all day long- However, you can bring a Small cooler with beverages and substantial food items (sandwich, salad etc) - in case you have any allergies to the food, or the quantity of the food is inadequate for you, or just in case you don't like the food! Some kids are picky eaters, so you may want to bring some of their favorites to keep them happy.

Personal beverage mug-coffee cup, water bottle- Please remember to put your name on it.

DON'T BE PUSHY AT THE FOOD TABLE - You must let the lead actors and Actra members eat first.

DON'T OVERINDULGE - Craft services provide food to everyone on set, leave some for others. Do not load up your back back with food at the end of the day. You are welcome to grab a sandwich and a drink to go.


WHAT YOU WILL MAKE - Non-Union background performers make $15.00/hour. Union $32.65. AABP are Not guaranteed the Union rate, as it depends on a number of variables. Upgrades may be given based on luck, experience, skill, and individual looks. Please understand that doing background work is a chance to learn and is a stepping stone to move on to bigger things if acting is your dream!

DON'T ASK FOR A CASH ADVANCE – Please have your personal finances in order, so you can get to set.


  • You are expected to bring the following to set:

  • Prescription medication if needed-you must inform the A.D when you sign in if you have any medical concerns (Ex. Allergies which require Epi-pen, inhaler etc.) Wear or bring your medical alert tag or bracelet. Have Extra Masks

  • Personal hygiene and first aid supplies example: feminine supplies, razors (for men just in case they suggest for you to shave), pain killers, antihistamines etc. 

  • Sunscreen, bug spray, hand warmers in cold weather please bring a blanket as you may need to wrap it around yourself while waiting to film. (Any blanket is fine as it will not be filmed).

  • If you smoke, bring your own supply of cigarettes and matches, lighter and only smoke in designated areas.


  • Bring lots of quiet activities, as there is a lot of waiting time in extras holding. While there are lots of neat people to talk to, after 12 hours on set you may want your own time. Ipads with headphones, Books, games, crafts, knitting, tablet, crossword puzzles, writing paper, pen. Parents should bring crayons, paper, etc. All quiet choices which will not disturb filming or other actors.

You can bring your own folding lawn chair.

Bring a cell phone (of course it must be on silent or off while onset) - in case you get lost or need to call home.

  • DO NOT BRING – any friends or family-Only those who are booked to be on set are able to attend (when children are under 16 are booked, they may bring ONE parent or guardian with them.

  • DO NOT BRING expensive jewelry, laptops, credit cards, alcohol , illicit drugs, weapons , cameras, portable stereos, recording devices, large amounts of cash, pets ( Unless booked by your agent)

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