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Talent Representation – Contract

Faces of Wendy

Faces of Wendy (FoW) is a successful talent agency which represents new and experienced Actors, both union and non-union. We run our business with honesty and integrity and expect it to be reciprocal.

We are proud of our ethical business practices and work diligently for every single one of our clients.

Our responsibilities include informing our members of opportunities on set for, but not limited to; Movies, Films, Principal, Cast, SOC, Background, Stunts, Special Skills, Voice Over, Print and Commercials. We also offer direction on how you can best succeed at your career with classes, set etiquette and auditions. There is absolutely no charge for an individual to become a client of Faces of Wendy.

Anyone can call Wendy for a free consultation, or with any questions at any time. Faces of Wendy cannot guarantee work to anyone, as we do not make the final decision on who will, or will not be selected.

Our responsibility is to promote the performer to the best of our ability, with the intent to find them placement. Everyone registered with Faces of Wendy Talent will be given the opportunity to work on local assignments and anywhere else you are legally allowed to work in the World.

FoW earns and you agree to the standard industry rate of 15% commission of monies from the Gross amount including; shoot date, travel, wardrobe, covid testing, plus GST. No percentage is taken from mileage compensation. Upon securing a role for you (which may be a continuity role) agency fee is expected until the finalization of the role for that season. If you decide to leave FoW during the filming of a production you are booked for, you are obligated to pay the Agency amount until the show has wrapped. We are proud of our ethical and professional business practices and work diligently for every single one of our clients.


All productions follow Covid protocols involving testing and masks. Please always follow the protocols which are in place for the safety of you and your Family members. Faces of Wendy has given permission for Casting Directors to reach out to my Talent directly. If this happens, you simply need to remind them you are with Faces of Wendy. I rely on your honesty and integrity to do so, especially when it is with a production I am involved with.


Power of Attorney - The performer hereby appoints Faces of Wendy as performer's attorney-in-fact during the term to receive all sums payable to Performer by reason of any employment covered by the agreement, to endorse, negotiate and/or deposit any cheque if payment made in that form; to deduct the sum payable to Faces of Wendy pursuant to this agreement and to remit to performer the balance of any such payment. If at any time you would like to terminate our working relationship please send me an email and I will remove you from my client database. It will be effective immediately.


Acknowledgment - The parties hereto acknowledge they have read this Contract prior to signing it and have read and fully understand the terms of the Agreement and acknowledge this is fair and reasonable.

Faces of Wendy

Suite 155, 370, 5222 130th Ave SE

Calgary, Alberta

T2Z 0G4

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