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I've been in this business a long time! Met some pretty amazing people! But nobody like Wendy. She is not only a fantastic agent but a fantastic person as well! She started getting me auditions and work right away! And auditions and work for people i have recommended her to. Thank you for being my agent!!!

Casey Getschel

Since I have been with her I have been featured on major flicks Hell On Wheels numerous times, Fargo season 2, a Heritage Minutes Viola Desmond commercial, a Lotto commercial, many other projects & now I just received my 1st IMDb credit as a Top Episode Cast for The Shocking Truth season 2 episode 12 Casino!!! 
Thank you also to me two amigos Dave Burchill & Bobby Jerome for hooking me up!

Nathan Brown

I am very pleased with her work ethic and her availability for questions. Sometimes I think she doesn't sleep as she answers at various times even late at night. She is very approachable and always open to discuss where you want to be and build your career.

Ron Hamelin